So you want to know a little about me? I’m a web developer and designer living in Riverside, CA. Originally from San Diego, CA, my wife and I moved to Denver in the summer of 2011, had a baby a couple years later and decided to move back to California.

I’ve been making websites since I posted my very first webpage to Geocities back in 1996. That webpage was written in Notepad in about an hour. After seeing what I could do with just a little text and a web browser, I was hooked for life.

Just two years after I started that, I got an early start to my career in Web Development by landing my first job. At first I was just doing simple HTML updates to webpages, but the scope of my work — along with my knowledge and expertise — grew considerably in a short span of time. Nowadays I specialize in Java, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

I do both front-end and back-end development, and enjoy both equally.