Dusting off the ol’ blog

More and more lately, I’ve been wanting to get back into writing. On this blog in the past, I would mostly give updates on my life; using the blog was great for keeping friends and family up to date on what I had been up to in life. With the advent of social networks like Facebook or Twitter, the idea of a personal blog being a “personal updates” mechanism has become somewhat obviated.

This isn’t going to be a personal life blog. My plans are to write about my interests in technology and software development. That means a lot of talk about Apple and Google, with a heavy dose of web and software development. I might talk a bit about sports here and there, but for the most part this will be a tech blog to start.

I feel I’ve honed my point of view and know what I want to broadcast on here.¬†Things might be a bit rough to start as I find my voice again and get back into the groove, but I have things I want to say and I hope the world wants to hear them.